Power PC Stats

Fri Jul 1 16:00:39 EST 1994

Hello,  I am in the process of deciding whether or not to get a Power PC and co
uld use some advice from anyone who has and is using one.  The machine I am con
sidering is a 7100 with 8MB and CD and 250HD.  What I want to run are word proc
essing like word or Wordperf, spreadsheet like Excel, and stats package such as
 systat.  Additionally I may add on something to edit photo images for slide pr
esentations. I have heard rumors that the Power PCs run slowly, especially in e
mulation mode.  Does anyone have a copy of word up and running?  Any problems r
unning systat or other stat pgm in emulation mode?  How about getting two progr
ams up and running at the same time to make easy transfers between programs...
e.g. Excel and Sigmaplot.  Format in Excell and then drag and drop data into th
e SigmaPlot data cells - does it work?  Faster or slower than a Centris or Quad
ra - using non-native code?

I've asked around here and nobody has a Power PC up and running yet with softwa
re functioning to answer the question - so all I get is rabbid attacks or glowi
ng support for the whole idea of using a Mac of any sort to do number crunching
.  If that was all I was going to do, I'd probably go with a Pentium or 486 - b
ut there is a heck of a deal here on campus for the Power PC.  If they will do
all that they say they will - it should be the best of both?

Opinions and advice ???

Thanks - Mark

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