Brian Osborne bosborne at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Jul 1 11:39:44 EST 1994

To the Group,
The following is excerpted from a message of a few weeks back :

bio>> Bengt Persson's prog 'tms-predict' is an information derived
bio>> package which he has shown to be able to detect all but 5 of the
bio>> putative trans-membrane regions in the swiss-prot database. It is
bio>> based on multiple sequence alignments (nominally from pileup in
bio>> GCG). Apparently it will be deposited on the EMBL server shortly
bio>> (ftp to felix.embl-heidelberg.de)

I have checking the EMBL server, but have been unable to find this
program. Does anybody have any info. on it?

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

Brian O.
bosborne at nature.berkeley.edu

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