Spike Studio: Free data acq. software

Eli Meir meir at zoology.washington.edu
Mon Jan 31 22:04:00 EST 1994

To neurobiologists,
	I have recently released a data-aquisition and analysis program for
the macintosh to various bulletin boards.  The program is called Spike
Studio, and it was written for several neurobiology laboratories to
digitize and analyze physiological signals on macs.  The program will
digitize multiple channels of data using digitizing boards from
National Instruments or GW Instruments, or using a sound digitizer such
as the Macintosh microphone input.  Spike Studio allows flexible
viewing of the digitized data on the screen, does a variety of analyses
on the data including event discrimination, spiking frequencies, and
data averaging, has nice features for making publication-quality
figures from the data, and much more (this program is 5 years in the

	Previous to this version (v. 3.5) Spike Studio was a commercial
program which is currently being used around the U.S., in Europe and in
Israel.  I have recently returned to graduate school and donUt feel
like marketing it anymore, so I am releasing it as psuedo-freeware,
meaning you only pay me if you want to (with no obligation, so its
somewhere between freeware and shareware).  You can find it on
sumex-aim, u.michigan, and others, and you can email me below if you
have questions (and if you want to pay me, IUll send you a disk, nicely
printed manual, etc.).

Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at zoology.washington.edu

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