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A new Version of HTML Assistant (for MS Windows) is now
available for download  (Version Alpha .3   January 28, 1994).

The ftp address is: ftp.cs.dal.ca
The directory name is /htmlasst/

Check the short 'readme.1st' file in the
subdirectory for information on what
files you need.

This version adds (to alpha .272) an undo capability, a buffer 
for temporary storage and quick recall, default font selection, 
and an automatic file save option.
About HTML Assistant for Windows--

HTML Assistant is a preliminary release of an 
MS Windows text editor with extensions to assist
in the creation of HTML hypertext documents.

HTML Assistant incorporates a multiple
document interface, a user defined toolbox,
and the ability to test your work with a WWW
browser of your choice (right now Cello seems
to work best) -- without leaving the editor.

The complete program suite (excluding
VBRUN300.dll)  is in the file HTMLASST.ZIP
(approximately 140K bytes.)

The program requires that the file, VBRUN300.DLL be
available to it.  If you don't
have VBRUN300.DLL you can download it from
the HTMLASST subdirectory where it is stored
in compressed form as VBRUN300.ZIP (228,729
If you have any comments, suggestions, bug
reports, etc. please send them directly to me
because I am unable to monitor this newsgroup


Howard Harawitz

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