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Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Mon Jan 31 11:49:10 EST 1994

In <1994Jan31.110401.158900 at embl-heidelberg.de> omond at embl-heidelberg.de writes:

> Netserv replies should arrive within a few minutes.  In almost all cases
> where there is a delay, it's the fault of the recipient's mail system
> (usually because of misconfigured sendmail).

This is true for sites that are connected directly to the internet. Within
X.400 or Bitnet a delay may be due to a heavy load of some gateways in-between.
Some gateways try to sort mail by size and send huge packages by night. In
case that you are expecting a huge mail, a delay may be due to this fact.
Thus, don't expect an answer within a few minutes if you are not a real
Internet site (I know Roy, this makes life even harder :-(   ).

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