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Roy Omond omond at embl-heidelberg.de
Mon Jan 31 05:04:01 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan29.015627.18493 at alw.nih.gov>,
bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (Bernard Murray) writes:
> In article <2ibk42$hno at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>,
> Basavaraju Shankarappa <bsh at med.pitt.edu> writes:
>> Dear netters:
>> 	Can someone direct me to the means for accessing software
>> on the EMBL netserver by email and/or other means.

[snip snip]

> Hello,
> 	To use the EMBL fileserver just send email to;
> 	NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
>don't put anything in the "subject line" of the message and simply put commands
>the fileserver understands in the body (one command per line).  To get yourself
>started just try

Actually the contents of the Subject: line are taken as the first command.

> 	The fileserver will reply by email within a day or so (it depends on
> the time and the traffic).

Netserv replies should arrive within a few minutes.  In almost all cases
where there is a delay, it's the fault of the recipient's mail system
(usually because of misconfigured sendmail).

*** PLEA ON ***

Dear users, if your requests to Netserv appear to be taking a "long" time,
please check your local mail system.  Make sure that mail sent to you can
actually be handled by your system.  A little tip is to send so-called
source-routed e-mail to yourself e.g. send to the address:

	@some.node.near.to.you:Myself at My.Own.Node

If you don't receive the mail within a very short time, then get suspicious
that there's something amiss with the mail system on your node.  If I were
to receive 0.02 Pfennigs for every broken sendmail node that attempts to
use our mail-based servers (Netserv, Blitz, FASTA, Quick etc. etc.) then
I guess I could retire right now ...

In addition, if the files returned by Netserv are expected to be "big",
make sure that you have enough disk quota to handle them.  This is
especially true in the case of PDB files !

Ah well, that'll do for now ...

*** PLEA OFF ***

Roy Omond
System Manager etc. etc.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Heidelberg, Germany.

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