C or C++ code to draw alpha helices

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Tue Jan 25 17:25:40 EST 1994

In article <LFK.94Jan25105401 at receptor.receptor.mgh.harvard.edu>, lfk at receptor.mgh.harvard.edu (Lee F. (Frank) Kolakowski) writes:
> Dear Bionetters,
> I am looking for some code to draw helical wheels of proteins.
> Ideally what I would like is something that will take as input an
> amino acids sequence, some parameters for the pitch, and the number of
> amino acids per turn. With these inputs, it would output encapsualted
> postscript or tek4010 drawing commands.
> I someone has such code, I would be greatly appreciative to get the
> source.
> I work on Sun Solaris2.X machines and can write c-code, but this is
> something I think must exist.
> Thanks in advance. If there is any interest, I will summarize what I
> find out.
> Frank Kolakowski

Hello there,
	If you are really stuck and need the code for the generation of the
wheels then my favourite wheel drawing program, ProGraph, which runs on the
PC, comes with (Turbo) Pascal source code.  So, if you are up to a bit of
translation..... [its much easier than doing C to Pascal :-) ]
	ProGraph is available from the EMBL fileserver (ftp.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE)
or mailserver (NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE).  Thanks to Kay Hofmann for a great
program and for supplying the code.

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