Biology Education Software Request

George Gilchrist gilchgw at zoology.washington.edu
Mon Jan 24 14:56:05 EST 1994

Attention Biologists:
	The Biology Education Software Task force--BEST--is a group interested  
in extending and improving the use of computer software for undergraduate  
education in biology.  To that end, we are requesting any available commercial  
or in-house programs for review purposes, or any information concerning such  
software.  This includes all interactive, multimedia, simulation or modeling  
software, or any other relevant programs.  Software will be reviewed by faculty  
and students from a wide range of biological  disciplines at the Universtiy of  
Washington.  We will publish a review of the most useful programs and a list of  
where they may be obtained in an appropriate journal.
	If you have any software applicable to undergraduate education in  
biology, or if you know of anyone who uses software in teaching to whom we  
could write personally, please send us e-mail at

	BEST at zoology.washington.edu

or write to

	Department of Zoology, NJ-15
	University of Washington
	Seattle WA 98195.

If you want to speak to someone personally, David Baldwin can be reached at  

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