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>Subject: PC chromatography software
>Date: 27 Jan 1994 22:02:17 GMT
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>Hello everyone.  I'm looking for PC software to be used for a data system
>some old HPLC's.  This software should be able to collect chromatographic
>"strip chart" data in 4 channels, and be able to display the chromatograms
>in real time.  It is also necessary for the software to be able to rescale
>the data and have some facility for plotting or else using an available
>PC driver.

>The commercially available software seems to do much more than I want it to do
>and/or costs too much to justify its expense (we have 6 or so HPLC's).  Therefore,
>it is my hope that something is available in the public domain.

>I greatly appreciate your help on this matter.


I don´t know, if you know that simply copying a sofware is by far not enough 
for establishing a PC as an integrator for chromatograms. For this purpose you 
will need a data aquisition interface, which accounts for a 30-50% of the 
whole package. 

There exists a chromatography system for PC´s, which was developped at our 
institute, by Dr. Gerald Schuster. It probably will meet  your demands. It can 
simultaneoulsy handle eight input channels and has all the features you need 
to handle chromatograms.

For a demonstration version try anonymous ftp to

lpdib.ibtm.tuwien.ac.at (

and copy the files from the directory


If you are further interested please contact me.


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