Looking for PC-shareware for DNA Seq. Analysis

xniu xniu at mace.cc.purdue.edu
Fri Jan 21 19:11:26 EST 1994

mkido at hsc.usc.edu (Mitsuru Kido) writes:


>I am looking for PC-shareware for DNA sequence analysis.  It's better
>that it is directly applicable to GenBank format DNA sequence data.
>What I want to do is
>          to convert it to double strand format
>          to revert the orientation
>          to search sites for restriction enzyme
>          so on.

>Could someone tell me something that is available by ftp?  Thank you.

>Mitsuru Kido
>mkido at hsc.usc.edu

  You can try the Seqaid program, it can be found at ftp.bio.indiana.edu
in molbio directory.  It's a good program, but not fancy, no mouse support.
We've been using that program for years, it's a cheap substitute for the
GCG program (of course not nearly as powerful), and it does what you want.

  By the way, does anybody know if there is a newer version of Seqaid? The
one I found is ver 3.81.

Xiaomu Niu
Purdue University

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