Map Manager, genetic mapping software

Ken Manly cammanly at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Fri Jan 21 12:37:00 EST 1994

Map Manager Software v2.4 Available

Map Manager is a program for a Macintosh personal computer which helps
analyze the results of genetic mapping experiments using backcrosses or
recombinant inbred strains in experimental animals.  It is a specialized
database program which allows easy storage, retrieval, and display of
information from such mapping experiments, and it also has tools for
searching and for statistical analysis of the experimental results.
These tools assist the user in determining linkage among loci and in
determining the order of loci.  It is not, however, designed for the
analysis of pedigree data.  This distribution of Map Manager is made
possible by a subcontract from the NCHGR program grant for Mouse Genome
Informatics to The Jackson Laboratory (J. Nadeau, P.I.).

Map Manager has been described in:
Manly, K.F. (1993). A Macintosh program for storage and analysis of
experimental genetic mapping data. Mammalian Genome 4, 303-313.

Files available:
  MapMgr.readme: a text file with a more detailed description of Map Manager.
  MapMgr.sea.hqx: a self-extracting, binhexed archive which contains the
    Map Manager program and the users manual as a Microsoft Word 5.1 document.
  manual.ps.Z: a compressed, Postscript file of the users manual

Map Manager is available:
  by gopher from The Jackson Laboratory
    files MapMgr.readme, MapMgr.sea.hqx, and manual.ps.Z
    in Other BioInformatics Sources/MapManager at hobbes.jax.org
  by anonymous ftp or gopher from the UH Gene-Server
    files MapMgr.readme and MapMgr.sea.hqx
    in pub/gene-server/mac directory at ftp.bchs.uh.edu
  by anonymous ftp or gopher from the IUBio archive
    files mapmgr.readme and mapmgr24.hqx
    in molbio/mac at ftp.bio.indiana.edu
  by anonymous ftp from FTP.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
    file mapmanager.hqx in /pub/software/mac
  by electronic mail from NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
    send mail with the message:
    get mac_software:mapmanager.hqx

Also available by ftp from mcbio.med.buffalo.edu:
  RIData.sea.hqx: mapping data from mouse recombinant inbred lines,
    collected by R.W. Elliott, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
    (over 2500 strain distribution patterns in 16 sets)
    (in the pub/ElliottRIData directory)

For those who have trouble with electronic distribution, the Map Manager
  program disk, including the Elliott data files, and a printed manual
  will be sent by mail upon request to the author at the address below.

Map Manager replaces the RI Manager program (rimgr167.hqx).  Map Manager will
  read RI Manager files, but RI Manager version 1 will not read Map Manager

Kenneth F. Manly, PhD
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY 14263-0001 USA
kmanly at mcbio.med.buffalo.edu

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