Trended Correspondence Analysis

Warren Kovach warrenk at cix.compulink.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 11:42:08 EST 1994

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> In article <1994Jan17.175426.4947 at dflora.cuug.ab.ca>, peter at dflora.com
> (Peter D. Wilson) writes:
> > I have been asked to trace some software which performs 
> > "Trended Correspondence Analysis". It is to be used in botany and is  
> > believed to have been created by a botanist. 
> The method is "DEtrended Correspondence Analysis".  A program to carry
> out this analysis called DECORANA was produced by Mark Hill in the 
> It was part of the Cornell series of programs for multivariate analysis 
> of community data, edited by Hugh Gauch.  Unfortunately, I have not
> got any recent information on availabilty (I have not seen the program
> for about 10 years).

Detrended CA is also available in my program MVSP - A MultiVariate 
Statistical Package.  This runs on IBM-PC compatibles.  It also does PCA 
and cluster analysis.  Contact me if you want more details

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