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Robert Harper harper at csc.fi
Fri Jan 21 06:15:17 EST 1994

I have been very impressed with the FORMS within Mosaic and I would
like to suggest that anyone interested in gathering information
through Mosaic should have a look at the following URL.

If enough biologists fill in the forms then I am sure it would be
a good way of making our needs known to the developers of these
networking tools. Go for it!

The Uniform Resource Locator for this document is:

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Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center
Mosaic, WWW, HTML, HTTP Survey Form


This page was created with the intent of collecting user data from
Mosaic, World Wide Web (WWW), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) users. If you are unfamiliar with
some of these terms, do not worry, you can still participate in the
survey. The motivation behind the survey lies in building a model of
Mosaic and WWW users. Such information is integral to understanding
current trends in distributed hypertextual/multimedia systems. Please
note that forms support is necessary to participate in the survey.


This page offers access to number surveys on several different topics.
Since most questions involve point&click operations, the time
necessary to complete each survey in minimal. Please however, give
each question careful consideration.

In order to make this a successful survey, please read the following: 

 1. Only participate in the questions in which you have an understanding. 
 2. Please answer all the primary questions. Please note that surveys that do
    not have all the questions answered from the primary section may not be
 3. All answers are kept anonymous! 
 4. Please only fill out each survey once. 
 5. Scrolling causes Mosaic difficulties due to the number of forms used. 
 6. Please set your font to Times regular, so that things align up right 
 7. For questions that look like: 

Additional Information

If you do not have forms support, please feel free to anonymous ftp
the surveys from: ftp.gvu.gatech.edu in the
/pub/gvu/mosaic-info/surveys directory. After you are done, please
mail them to pitkow at cc.gatech.edu with the subject: ANSWERS.

Results will be made available to the WWW community. For now you can
view the output from wwwstat-0.1. Special thanks to Mimi Recker and
the people at GVU.

Please send all comments and questions to: pitkow at cc.gatech.edu. 

Outline of the Surveys

 1. General Information 
 2. Your WWW Usage 
 3. NCSA's Mosaic 
 4. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 
 5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 

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