DNA sequence input by voice

Georg Fuellen fuellen at athena.mit.edu
Thu Jan 20 21:18:30 EST 1994

In article <2hmila$3ko at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, pburch at cmb.bcm.tmc.edu (Paula Burch) writes:

|> I think that a lot of people would vastly prefer reading a DNA sequence 
|> into a file by voice than by any of the various clumsy and/or slow 
|> and/or expensive devices currently in use.

You may look into the FAQs of sci.med.occupational; there are some
people who cant type but use general-purpose voice recognition software.
An example is DragonDictate, see 
      ^host         ^directory

You may also ask the group bit.listserv.c+health or the sorehand list (I dont know their
address right now).

fuellen at mit.edu
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