DNA sequence input by voice

Paula Burch pburch at cmb.bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Jan 20 13:31:05 EST 1994

Now that microphones in computers have become commonplace, has anyone 
developed a sequence input program that takes advantage of them?
(Perhaps something for the Mac 840AV?)

I think that a lot of people would vastly prefer reading a DNA sequence 
into a file by voice than by any of the various clumsy and/or slow 
and/or expensive devices currently in use.

It was a disappointment to discover that the tantalizingly-named
Digispeak works with a Grafbar! There are several programs that 'speak' 
a sequence as it is typed in or entered by a Grafbar device--what we need 
now is the opposite, something that will listen to a human voice.

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