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Dear Fellow Netter,
Springer-Verlag is offering a free Journals Preview Service for
subscription. It covers a selected number of Springer-Journals.
ToCs are e-mailed to subscribers about two weeks before release
of the printed issue. The format is MedLine and most
bibliographic reference software can import that format.

Sincerely yours
Rainer Stumpe
Sciences Editorial
Tiergartenstr. 17
D-69121 Heidelberg

Phone: +49-(0)6221-487 310
Fax:   +49-(0)6221-487 366
Internet: Stumpe at spint.compuserve.com

Springer Journals Preview is a service to the scientific
community. For selected journals, tables of contents are
distributed via e-mail lists or mailserver approx 10 days
before shipping of a new issue. If you have access to Internet,
you can subscribe to this service free of charge. To subscribe
to the table of contents list of this journal, please send an
e-mail message to the mailserver SVJPS at VAX.NTP.SPRINGER.DE
containing the line
      SUBSCRIBE TOC code
where "code" is the three-digit number of the journal (see top
of file). For a small yearly fee you can also receive the
abstracts of the articles at the same time. For more
information, please send the line
      HELP to the above e-mail address.
Please do not send regular e-mail to this address. We would be
very grateful for your comments. Please send them by e-mail to
or write to Springer-Verlag, Dept. New Technologies / Product
Development, Tiergartenstr. 17, W-6900 Heidelberg, Germany, FAX

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