Trended Correspondence Analysis

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Tue Jan 18 09:50:04 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan17.175426.4947 at dflora.cuug.ab.ca>, peter at dflora.com (Peter D. Wilson) writes:
> Posting for a friend:
> I have been asked to trace some software which performs 
> "Trended Correspondence Analysis". It is to be used in botany and is  
> believed to have been created by a botanist. Any help would be  
> appreciated.
> - peter

The method is "DEtrended Correspondence Analysis".  A program to carry
out this analysis called DECORANA was produced by Mark Hill in the 1970s.
It was part of the Cornell series of programs for multivariate analysis 
of community data, edited by Hugh Gauch.  Unfortunately, I have not
got any recent information on availabilty (I have not seen the program for
about 10 years).  The method is a modification
of ordinary Correspondence Analysis (also known as reciprocal averaging)
which is available in a number of packages.

Des Higgins
EMBL, Heidelberg.

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