Antigenicity prediction software?

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Tue Jan 18 14:20:49 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan18.103903.17543 at desire.wright.edu>, aarment at desire.wright.edu (The doctor is IN.) writes:
> 	I am looking for a program (PC, Mac, VAX, or UNIX) that can predict
> antigenicity from a peptide sequence.  Is there anyone out there that can point
> me in the right direction?  Public domain is preferred, but any suggestions are
> welcomed.  Please respond directly to my e-mail account at
> aarment at desire.wright.edu
> Thanks
> Anthony Arment
> Wright State University

Hello there,
	I am sure that you know that "antigen prediction" software only
provides a rough guide to this property and that a knowledge of the
tertiary structure of the protein is an asset in rational prediction.
However, there are a few programs for IBM-PC/DOS that will take a protein
sequence and give some indication as to antigenic regions.  I have used
EpiPlot 1.0 and Predict7 and these are available from the EMBL file server.
Either anonymous ftp from ftp.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE or you can collect them
using the EMBL email fileserver;
send an email message to NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE  with the line
in the body of the message.  You will need a UUDecoder if you use the
latter method.
	If you want to examine amino acid property profiles of protein
sequences then I thoroughly recommend ProGraph which is also available
from the same source and is slick and quick.  If you have any trouble
collecting the software then give me a call.
			All the very best,

Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
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