Which external tape streamer?

Mon Jan 17 08:17:27 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

I am considering a purchase of an external tape streamer for data and
software backup purposes. I use PC AT and plan to stick to PCs rather
than use Macs. Currently my hard drive is 100 MB. I would appreciate
any advice on what would be the best value for money for an external
tape streamer that will be flexible enough to be used not only with
the machine I am currently using but also with portables or other
PCs IBM compatible should I wish to upgrade or change. I would prefer
to have at least 150 MB of storage on tape. Also ease of use, user
friendly software enabling to back single or modified files and not
only whole hard drive are of importance.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

R. Pitera
r.pitera at uk.ac.umds.portia

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