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> > I would like to subscribe to a bibliographic service, such as Reference 
> > Update. My field of interest is molecular biology/neuroscience.  Criteria 
> > are broad coverage, inclusion of abstracts, timeliness (unlike Medline), 
> > ease of import into EndNote, and availability for the Macintosh.
> > 
> Our department is using Current Contents on disk, available for the Mac. I
> think if you pay extra you can get the abstracts (we don't).
> David McCaskill                    mccaskil at wsuvm1.csc.wsu.edu

Though we get the IBM edition w/o abstracts (I believe this works the same
for Mac), Reference Update lets you mark interesting references that you
want abstracts for, then call their database via modem and download only
the abstracts you want.  This is a cost-effect, hard-disk-space-saving
alternative to buying and loading all those hundreds of abstracts you'll
never look at.

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