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David McCaskill mccaskil at wsuvm1.csc.wsu.edu
Sun Jan 16 21:49:37 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan16.025225.19144 at pslu1.psl.wisc.edu>, audet at psl.wisc.edu

> I would like to subscribe to a bibliographic service, such as Reference 
> Update. My field of interest is molecular biology/neuroscience.  Criteria 
> are broad coverage, inclusion of abstracts, timeliness (unlike Medline), 
> ease of import into EndNote, and availability for the Macintosh. Could 
> someone make a recommendation?
Our department is using Current Contents on disk, available for the Mac. I
think if you pay extra you can get the abstracts (we don't). In my
experience there are only a couple of drawbacks to CC. Each issue (weekly I
think) takes up ~2Mb of disk space, and I don't think you can set it up to
search multiple issues in a batch mode. Other than that, it's fast, you can
put together very specific Boolean searches, and the search results can
easily be imported into EndNote.

David McCaskill                    mccaskil at wsuvm1.csc.wsu.edu

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