Peak-finding software

JOHN L. CARROLL jcarroll at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Fri Jan 14 22:18:38 EST 1994

       Does anyone know where I can get software for finding peaks and troughs
       in an ascii data file (sequence of numbers).  The data is a digitized 
       respiratory waveform, sequential points along a tidal-volume waveform,  
       therefore like a sine wave.  We would need it to find sequential alter-
       nating peaks and troughs and the time that they occur. 

       We have a primitive peak finding program
       that came bundled with Jandel's sigma scan (way back in 1988) but it
       screws up quite a bit.  Anyone know of a better peak finding program for
       this type of data?
       Thanks in advance...

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