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Fri Jan 14 11:58:46 EST 1994

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BACKD at QUCDN.QueensU.CA (Don Back) writes:
>Occasionally, I have been asked to convert MAC files to DOS disk format
>and vice versa. I've done it but it wasn't pretty.
>I'd like suggestions and recommendations for software that meets the
>following criteria:
>-runs on a DOS machine
>-formats MAC disks
>-reads and writes DOS to MAC and MAC to DOS
>-commercial package or shareware (interested in shareware to get a feel for
> what a package might have to offer).
>Desirable but not essential features:
>-can convert some application specific files to corresponding platform
> formats.
There are such programs, but only for HD diskettes. The DD diskettes on a Mac u
se a diiferent format which can't be emulated by a PC. However such programs ar
e pretty slow and often have timing problems (probally due to the emulation). S
mall files work fine, large files are often truncated or the rest of the file i
s rubish.
One such program is MAC2DOS.ZIP (on garbo somewhere), others are MAC-ETTE and
MACSEE (probally on garbo or at the wuarchives). I can look up the exact locati
ons, but if you look around you can probaaly find the mentioned ones.
Good luck, I know how difficult the Mac -> DOS and visa versa sometimes is.
Henk van de Kamer

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