New SF Bay area meeting on Genomics and Sequence Analysis

Mike Cherry cherry at aeffle.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jan 14 16:39:21 EST 1994

ANNOUNCEMENT: "FOGS - Forum On Genomics and Sequence analysis"

WHY?    To provide an informal, quarterly forum where computer
        scientists and biologists working on genomic sequence analysis
        software and databases in the San Francisco Bay Area can meet
        to discuss and exchange ideas.

WHEN?   First meeting February 10, 1994 (Thursday) 6:30PM to 9:00PM
        [future quarterly times to be discussed at the initial

WHERE?  Genentech, South San Francisco.
        [A convenient, central location. If there is interest future
        meetings can rotate to other sites]

WHO?    Anyone who is working on sequence analysis software and/or
        database development. Hopefully there will be at least one
        person from each of the academic and commercial organizations
        (e.g., Genentech, Stanford, LBL, LLNL, UCSF, UCB, etc.).  FOGS
        is envisioned to be a relatively small and focused group,
        however the meetings will be open to anyone.

WHAT?   Proposed format for initial meeting:
        1. Pizza dinner provided by Genentech.
        2. Brief (5 min) summaries from each group about their
           development projects.
        3. General discussion of sequence databases and analysis
           software developments, news and ideas.

Volunteers will be encouraged to make somewhat longer (20 min)
presentations at future meetings, however brief summaries and general
discussions will remain be major focus of FOGS. Suggestions for other
formats are welcome!

RSVP: Please RSVP to Cherry at Genome.Stanford.EDU by January 30th to
allow appropriate arrangements to be made for the room and food.
Directions to Genentech are available on request.

Live software demonstrations on DOS, Macintosh or Unix are possible
via a projection system.  Please notify us in advance if you wish to
present such a demonstration.

Please distribute this message to anyone you think would be

Scooter Morris (Genentech) and Mike Cherry (Stanford)
J. Michael Cherry                       Project Manager, Yeast Genome Database
Stanford DNA Sequence & Tech. Center,   Department of Genetics
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA 94305-5120
Voice: 415-723-7541  FAX: 415-723-7016  Internet: cherry at genome.stanford.edu

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