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Tony Hodge tph at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
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In article <BACKD.110.758385324 at QUCDN.QueensU.CA> Don Back,
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>Occasionally, I have been asked to convert MAC files to DOS disk
>and vice versa.	I've done it but it wasn't pretty.
>I'd like suggestions and recommendations for software that meets the
>following criteria:
>-runs on a DOS machine
>-formats MAC disks
>-reads and writes DOS to MAC and MAC to DOS
>-commercial package or shareware (interested in shareware to get a
feel for 
> what a package might have to offer).
>Desirable but not essential features:
>-can convert some application specific files to corresponding
> formats.

Having been in this position myself (Mac at the lab, PC at home) I
would definately suggest doing the conversion on the Mac.  There are
a number of shareware conversion programs on the various ftp sites
for the PC and Mac for eg graphics, but I have found that most WP,
spreadsheets etc can be interconverted with a bit of ingenuity, eg
save from MS Works for DOS as a MS Word PC file then open in MS Word
Mac direct and vice versa.  The main problem I had was finding
something to write/format Mac discs on a PC, basically impossible
with only a 720k drive as I had on the PC.  With AccessPC or
PCExchange for the Mac (commercial products but very good value) you
can read/write/format DD and HD PC discs no problem with a Mac
equiped with a HD drive.
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