3D visualization software

Ole Mjelde istmjeld at nvh.veths.no
Fri Jan 14 08:24:58 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan13.172600.21185 at netnews.noc.drexel.edu>, V.C. Arun Kumar <akumar at coe.drexel.edu> says:
>Subject : 3D Visualization Software
>Distribution : World
>Hi there,
>I am interested in a software that does 3D visualization of MR and CT
>images. I am working on angio data and my images are 256X256X 128 slices.
>If anyone knows of any software that is acessible via FTP, that does
>3D visualization of MR/CT images, please let me know the places from where
>I can access such a software.
>Thanks in advance.


I am currently working on CT, and I have tried to E-mail to you. But I 
have a problem, I am unable to find you adress. Can you mail me at:
	istmarte at nvh.veths.no

I am very interested in cooperating with you on the subject.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Per Martens
Oslo, Norway

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