Krishna Iyer iyer at mipg.upenn.edu
Fri Jan 14 09:24:27 EST 1994

> I am interested in a software that does 3D visualization of MR and CT
> images. I am working on angio data and my images are 256X256X 128 slices.
> If anyone knows of any software that is acessible via FTP, that does
> 3D visualization of MR/CT images, please let me know the places from where
> I can access such a software.
>Thanks in advance.
Recently someone wanted to know about some of imaging softwares available
from FTP sites around the world. This is in response to that. The University
of Pennsylvania has a new medical imaging software available from a FTP site.
I am enclosing some details about the same. Please note that this is NOT a
solicited advertisement.
THE YEAR by IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (January 1994, pp. 87)
--------------------------CUT HERE---------------------------------------
                        3 D V I E W N I X
        3DVIEWNIX is a transportable, very inexpensive software system
developed by the Medical Image Processing Group, Department of Radiology,
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. It has state-of-the-art
capabilities for visualizing, manipulating, and analyzing multidimensional,
multimodality image information. It is designed to run on UNIX machines
with X-windows. It uses a data protocol that is a multidimensional
generalization of the ACR-NEMA standards. We have tested it fairly well
on SGI and Sun worksatations. It also runs on IBM RS6000, HP 700 series
and even PCs. We charge $1000.00 for the software which comes with source
code and manuals. You can modify and do whatever else you want as long as
it is for your own noncommercial use. For further information contact :
        Dr. J.K. Udupa
        Medical Image Processing Group
        Univeristy of Pennsylvania
        Department of Radiology
        418 Service Drive - 4th Floor Blockley Hall
        Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021.
        Phone : (215)-662-6780
        Fax   : (215)-898-9145
        e-mail: Vhelp at mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu.
Please note that an anonymous FTP version of 3DVIEWNIX is available at no
cost to test the software. The FTP site is mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu
( and the directory is /pub/3DVIEWNIX1.0/BINARIES.

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