OLIGO program (Nuc Acids Res (1989) 17,8543-8551.)

Bob DeLisio delisior at rnisd0.DNET.roche.com
Thu Jan 13 16:08:19 EST 1994

"bergsage at helix.nih.gov" "Peter Leif Bergsagel" writes:

>I am looking for a computer program that calculates the Tm of
>oligonucleotides using a nearest neighbor algorythm . It is referenced in
>Nucleic Acids Research (1989) 17,8543-8551. In the paper it says to write
>to NBI, 725 Tower Drive, Hamel, MN 55340. I did that, but they have moved
>and their forwarding address has expired.

>This program is built into some oligonucleotide sequencers, and is useful
>for predicting Tm's for PCR experiments.


I believe I have an original copy of the shareware version of this program at
home. How should I get it to you?


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