About Stueber GENEX programs

Philippe-Alexandre Gilbert pagilbert at cti.ulaval.ca
Thu Jan 13 13:15:40 EST 1994

I saw in the package Genex that Kurt Stueber's programs can only make
graphic outputs in VT240 and HP7475. But in the README.TXT :

>   Using the simple format of the plotter buffer file it should
>   not be too difficult to write programs similar to SHOWFIGURE
>   and PLOTFIGURE ( SHOWCURVE and PLOTCURVE ) also for other
>   graphic terminals.

Do you know if someone wrote these programs ?
Thank you for your help.

Philippe-Alexandre Gilbert             tel: (418)-656-2964
Centre de Traitement de l'Information  e-mail: pagilbert at cti.ulaval.ca
Departement de Biochimie
Quebec, Canada

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