Medical video tape sources?

Christopher A Horton horton at athena.mit.edu
Wed Jan 12 21:50:07 EST 1994

Hi, I'm writing some software that will be used to help teach
anatomy.  I want to include video clips of the anatomy 
functioning as well as clips of someone performing a dissection 
of the revelant area.  My prototype module focuses on the larynx,
so my question is this: does anyone know of video tapes I could 
use that contain segments on the larynx, vocal chords, etc.?  (I 
recognize that the publisher of the tape will have to be 
consulted regarding copyright issues).  Please email me at either
of the addresses below.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Horton
horton at bihobl2.bih.harvard.edu
horton at athena.mit.edu

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