Finding Usenet/Listserv groups

christopher smith csmith at unlinfo.unl.edu
Wed Jan 12 16:29:00 EST 1994

Hello to all !!!

Given the thousands of Usenet and Listserv discussion groups out in 
cyberspace, and growing almost exponentially, finding a particular 
usenet or listserv group that would pertain to our specific needs 
seemd to be pratically impossible. Or am I wrong !!, which brings me 
to the purpose to this query;

     Is there a program or shell script that will search a local Usenet
group listing and/or the global Listserv list, for a user-defined
group or keyword, based on the group's full-name, acronym, email 
address, and/or description. 

     Your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Chris.

Christopher Smith
School of Biological Sciences
University of Nebraska
e-mail: csmith at unlinfo.unl.edu

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