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As per several people's request, here is the sum of
my findings thus far on the evolving NEMA/ACR
standards for medical records portability.  Hope 
some of you find it useful.


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In comp.org.ieee you write:

>I'm trying to find out about the NEMA III standard for
>portable networking of medical records across TCP/IP
>networks. Does anyone know  where I could find out
>more about this?

I believe what you are looking for is the 
DIgital COmmunications in Medicice (DICOM) Standard versions 3.
which was developed jointly by NEMA and ACR (American College of
Radiology). It is NEMA Standards Publications PS 3 and is comprised
of 10 parts.  You can obtain more information from Dave Snavely at
NEMA at 202-457-1965.

Also, I'm considering marketing a DICOM browser which is an
interactive graphical application for studying the structure of
the DICOM data dictionary and the composite image objects defined in
DICOM.  This would be a great aid for developers and other interested
parties to come up to speed on the standard.

If anyone's interested please reply via e-mail.

-Larry (Larry.Sieb at mixcom.com)

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