innocent question

Langevin Eric langevin at cih.hcuge.ch
Wed Jan 12 08:30:55 EST 1994

Hello there.

I'm looking for various public domain software for protein
sequence analysis (domain identification, pattern searching,
sequence alignment) to start my thesis job.
I should build an integrated system, with many "expert system"
features, for protein function identification...

Is it the right mailing list to contact?

Thanks for any response,
                        Eric  Langevin.
"I can mislead, I couldn't lie". Th. d'Avila.

Eric Langevin			langevin at cih.hcuge.ch
tel. (+4122) 37 26 280	fax  (+4122) 37 26 198
Numerical Imagery and Artificial Intelligence Unit (UIN)
Hospital Informatics Center (CIH)
Geneva University Hospital (HCUG)
24, rue Micheli-du-Crest, 1211 Geneve 14 , Switzerland

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