nema III

LANGER STEVEN C sglanger at vela.acs.oakland.edu
Fri Jan 7 11:22:00 EST 1994

Followup: Still have no data on this, but
here are some clues.

I'm trying to find out about the NEMA III standard for
portable networking of medical records across TCP/IP

I read about it in the literature from a company that makes
medical imaging equipment  and archiving systems
for cardica cine' film (I'm not at liberty to mention their
name).  However, they list as a reference the 

Charter. The Digital Angiographic Media Selection 
Ad Hoc Group, MED-PACS Section, ACC/NEMA, 1993.

and the November , 1993 issue of  Digital Achive Report

Also, are you aware of
a movement to develop a standard commun protocol to
control  medical devices (X-Ray,  ultrasound, MRI machines)
from different vendors (GE, Varian, Philips, etc.)?

thanks in advance,
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