Problems with SeqED

mic123d at vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au mic123d at vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au
Fri Jan 7 01:05:56 EST 1994

To who ever is out there having SeqED problems!!!

We would like to know if any one is having problems using SeqED v1.0.3.  We are
running the program on a Macintosh IIvi 5Meg RAM / 80Meg on the hard disk and
we are running System 7.1.  Basically the .problems that we are experiencing
occur when trying to save data using both the SAVE and the SAVE AS command.
We are also having on screen errors such as MY-1, MNF-1, ED-1 and SeqED error
#9112.  If anyone is having similar problems -how are you dealing with them
(apart from not using SeqED)? We have been told by ABI that SeqED may not be
compatible with System 7.1 ???? Is there an alternative program to SeqED
(ie that is better than SeqED) and how is it possible to obtain this program.
Also if the is an EMail address for ABI in America could please forward that
as well.
Carmel Ruffolo
Microbiology Dept. Monash Uni. VIC AUSTRALIA.

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