NCBI BLAST output format: Question.

Miloslav Juricek - SCBI scmjr at mucc.mahidol.ac.th
Fri Jan 7 02:17:09 EST 1994

On Thu, 6 Jan 1994, Brian Foley wrote:

>         Can someone tell me what is the best software for viewing the
>  output from an NCBI BLAST search?  Whether I read the output in my
>  UNIX e-mail, my Mac e-mail, or convert it to a text editor (MS-Word)
>  document, the alignments do not line up without messing with them.
>          It seems that the output uses TABs rather than spaces to
>  format the output, and these TABs do not correspond to the ones
>  I have.  Perhaps if I just knew what the TAB settings were...
>          Does the BLAST output look great when it is imported into
>  WordPerfect or some other text editor?
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	There is a shareware Windows program called WINBLAST, which is 
designed to:
	1. Format a blast search query through window's dialog box.
	2. View the search results and save selected alignments to 
	3. Autamatically format a retrieval request for database 
	   entries corresponding to selected alignments.

I don't remember any more from which FTP site I got it originally, 
for sure it shall be available from the author - A. V. Sivaprasad, 
avs at biochem.adelaide.edu.au.

Mila Juricek
Dept. of Biochemistry
Mahidol University

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