opportunities in biocomputing

moldovbj at esvx12.es.dupont.com moldovbj at esvx12.es.dupont.com
Fri Jan 7 09:18:32 EST 1994

Although I know this is the wrong newsgroup for this posting, I can't
find any place better to ask this question. I have a Ph.D. in 
Biology, with my training being in molecular biology and
some protein biochemistry. Primarily I have worked on gene regulation
and DNA-protein interactions. I'm currently doing a postdoc in an industrial
setting, and have come to the following realization. I would be much happier
if I were doing a project that involved computers rather than being
a bench scientist. So, now that I am committed to entering the world of
computational biology, how do I find the opportunitites in the field?
I've got lots of computer experience, although none of that can be shown
on my CV. Since this is the wrong area to discuss this, please email me
or direct me to the best newsgroup. Thanks!

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