NCBI BLAST output format

Bill Kupiec kupiec at mail1.ciwemb.edu
Thu Jan 6 16:06:45 EST 1994

RE>NCBI BLAST output format: Q

> Can someone tell me what is the best software for viewing the
> output from an NCBI BLAST search?  Whether I read the output in
> my UNIX e-mail, my Mac e-mail, or convert it to a text editor
> (MS-Word) document, the alignments do not line up without
> messing with them.

In your text editor (MS-Word, WordPerfect), change the font to a mono-spaced
typeface such as Courier or Monaco and the alignments should line up perfectly.

Bill Kupiec
kupiec at mail1.ciwemb.edu, AppleLink: KUPIEC
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