From Procite to Reference Manager

Bob Wall bobwall at access3.digex.net
Thu Jan 6 07:30:28 EST 1994

Arild.Tangeras at PKI.UiB.no (Arild.Tangeras at pki.UiB.no) writes:

>How do I transfer records from Procite to Referene Manager?

>Any help, or suggestions for another discussion group that can help?

>Arild Tanger†s.

Research Information Systems provides such a service.  They charge for 
that service, but I don't know how much.  Give them a call (619-438-5562).

You can also do it "by hand."  The strategy would be to export your 
procite references to an ascii file and then import them into ref man.  
RefMan is not very flexible about importing so the format of the file has 
to be just right.  Fortunately with Procite you can customize the export 
to ascii to match RefMan's requirements.  It is not such a big job if 
your citations are all or mostly in one format in Procite (ie, 
Journal-long) but if you have a lot of different types (Journal-shor, 
book-long, etc) it would take a LOT of work to get it right.

It would be nice if some Information Professional would write a freeware 
format style sheet for doing this (hint, hint <g>).


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