Commercial Mac Primer Design Software ?

Jeff crowther at rsc3.anu.edu.au
Tue Jan 4 03:22:33 EST 1994

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> Jeff Martino asked :
> >In your opinion what's the best _commercial_ Macintosh program for 
> >PCR/sequencing primer design.
> ....
> >Quote:  "I want to enter a template sequence, show the acceptable region of 
> >the template I want the primer(s) to bind, and let the program choose the best 
> >primer or pair -- minimized secondary structure, minimized self-dimer, 
> >minimized dimer with other amplimer, etc."
> >
> >--Jeff Martino
> We use here Oligo which was written by Wojciech Rychlik (Rychlic et al. 1990,
> Nucleic Acids Res. 18, 6409-6412)....................... 
> I don't know if this is actually the best one since it's the only one I've
> ever used on a Macintosh (has anyone heard of another one?... ) but it 
> certainly looks like one that might fit your requirements. 

You could also look into


22 Hills Road
CB2  1JP  UK

Might not be as good as Oligo above but has been recently overhauled for
new edition. Have not seen the improvments as no upgrade from version we
to new one was forthcoming and don't want to by the program twice.
There is a distributor in USA now, I think Biosoft but not sure of address,
that you have to get from UK.......Sorry.

My Best Regards

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