Stefan Engstrom stefan at ra.UCSC.EDU
Mon Feb 28 15:34:12 EST 1994

Joachim Heymer (nexejhey at rrzn-user.uni-hannover.de) wrote:
>  > Does anybody know of a program to convert a postscript file into a
> graphical
>  > format file of some kind (TIFF, PICT etc). I'd prefer if it ran on a
>  > Mac, but at my current stage of frustration, any platform will do.
> There is a really good Shareware program available - GraphicConverter1.771
> It converts many different picture formats into nearly every other format.

There is a *really* good package ;-) called ImageMagick which will convert
most anything to most anything else (and scale, mount, annotate etc, etc,
at the same time). If you want TIFF and/of JPEG support you will have to 
get some other PD packages. The package will convert to/from PostScript
if you have ghostscript. The software will run on a multitude of unix

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