signal averaging software?

Philippe Lebrun plebrun at minf.vub.ac.be
Mon Feb 28 07:14:40 EST 1994

In article <medmk.762361092 at strix>, medmk at strix.udac.uu.se (Milos Kesek) writes:
|> Any good package of useful routines for signal averaging out there? (DOS or
|> Unix/Linux) I have ideas about esophageal ECG and I suppose that writing
|> a program from scratch is a wheel-reinvention..

Depends a lot on your hardware. I've written a number of acquisition routines-
it's not all that hard to write - but all are exquisitely hardware dependant.
In fact, most are built around routines that are part of the package you get
when you buy an aquisition card.

I don't know of any public domain package, but that doesn't mean one 
doesn't exist.


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