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Sat Feb 26 13:14:53 EST 1994

In article <2kmef4$sis at overload.lbl.gov> bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov (Bradley K. Sherman) writes:
>Could you describe this program in a little more detail?  Is this
>a program to read gels?  Try to describe the program without
>regard to what you think the limitations of the computer might be.

I've always wanted something that would just make a meld between two or 
three sequences at once and keep a simple line graphic of the accumulated 
project.  Nothing too fancy.  It needn't be able to meld and sort 
multiple sequences all at once and spit out alternate melds.  It would 
have to be able to handle mismatches in the meld, of course, but again it 
needn't be too fancy.  It can be a given that only very good data is 
being used.  No ambiguity.  

There have been times when I would have used such a program, even given 
its limitations, in preference to that frustrating set of powerful 
programs in GCG.  Plenty of people are still writing sequence out on 
pieces of paper and shuffling them around on their desk.

There must be lots of relatively little things like this that somebody 
somewhere will buy if they didn't have to slash a graduate student 
support line to do it.  What about a useful interface for the restriction 
enzyme database?  A real implementation of the Transcription Factor 
Database?  Each one of these are things bundled into big packages that 
many people can not afford.

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