Medline on CD-ROM: Knowledge Finder vs Silver Platter

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Sat Feb 26 06:14:37 EST 1994

Song Tan (tan at aeolus.vmsmail.ethz.ch) wrote:
> Our lab is considering getting Medline on CD-ROM with either the Knowledge
> Finder or Silver Platter package for Macintosh computers.  Both packages have
> apparently similar costs and functionality.  One major difference is that
> Knowledge Finder provides 3 years of Medline on 1 CD-ROM (updated quarterly)
> whereas Silver Platter comes with only 1 year of Medline per CD-ROM (updated
> monthly).  

And we are considering the Silver Platter Medline for a Novell network
with Mac support. Should give 5 years for connected PCs, and a Mac
program supporting the 5 y compression has been promised available soon
(well, already for half a year...)
  This solution is because more than half of the connected computers are
PCs, but then nearly half are Macs.

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