Multiple choice marking software

J R Beeching bssjrb at midge.bath.ac.uk
Fri Feb 25 08:29:58 EST 1994

Dear All,

	In my Department we use multiple choice questions to test first
year students and to construct questionaires.  The answer sheets can be
read with an optical reader connected to a PC and the data put in a file.
Currently we are using the Laser Read optical mark reading system produced
by Speedwell.  This part works reasonably well.  The problems start with
the data analysis.  We want to analyse not only the students scores, but
also to evaluate the questions we have used in terms of their ability to
descriminate.  At present we have to edit the data files on the PC, transfer
them to the mainframe and then use a most unfriendly and inflexible
program to analyse the data.

	What I am therefore looking for is for user friendly and versatile
software that will perform all these funtions on a PC.  I am sure such
software (+hardware) must exist and that many of my colleagues elsewhere
have already solved these problems.  I would very much like to know what
you use, what your opinion is of your system and what you would 

	I there appears to be general interest in this question I will
post a distillation of the replies.



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