Tripos vs Biosym - Any Personal Experiences

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Fri Feb 25 16:36:09 EST 1994

Hi - We're setting a Molecular Modeling Lab w/ 10 SGI Indigos and are
looking about for software.  I have some personal experience w/ Biosym's
Insight/Discover pkg, but none with Tripos' Sybyl (and relatives). It seems
that this is acommon "either/or" situation - I've not yet been able to find
someone with experience w/ both.

   Can anyone out there illuminate some of the strong and weak points of
each suite?  Or suggest alternatives that would be better suited for a
mixed teaching / reseach basis?

   If you have the info but you'd rather not spend the afternoon typing,
please send your phone number and I'll call when it's convenient.

   As Always, a summary to the net will follow if I receive significant

Thanks very much,


Harry Mangalam, VCO/Micro+Mol Genetics, Irvine Hall, College of Medicine, 
UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, 92717, Vox:(714) 856-4824, Fax:(714) 856-8598,
mangalam at uci.edu

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