Postscript Converter

Ethan Benatan ethan+ at pitt.edu
Fri Feb 25 11:06:11 EST 1994

> Does anybody know of a program to convert a postscript file into a graphical
> format file of some kind (TIFF, PICT etc). I'd prefer if it ran on a
> Mac, but at my current stage of frustration, any platform will do.

> Dr Ken Baker  

What you need is a PostScript language interpreter, which is not trivial.
Such a program will interpret the code and let you view the document on the
screen, and save it in some other format, such as TIFF, etc. The only one
that I know about is GhostScript, a piece of gnu software, primarily for
unix platforms; there is a mac port of it, too, called MacGhostScript. When
I tried it (some time ago) it worked but was not easy to use- I believe I
had a development version though, so there may well have been improvements
since.  I beleive it is free, and many thanks to the author(s)/porter(s)
for what I am sure is not an easy task.

The gnu software can be got at the ususal gnu places, try:
anon ftp to prep.ai.mit.edu.  

The mac software is in the main mac archives, try: 
anon ftp to mac.archive.umich.edu and look in 
graphics/graphicsutil for 

You may also want to get what I believe is an associated utility,
macgsmenuinit.cpt.hqx from the directory system.extensions/init.  I am not
sure what it is, but I have a dim recollection of it being related.

If you have AFS, you can get to the root directory of the umich site with 
cd /afs/umich.edu/group/itd/archive/mac.

Warning: I haven't used this in a long time.  Good luck-

Ethan Benatan
ethan+ at pitt.edu

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