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Michael D. Baron michael.baron at afrc.ac.uk
Fri Feb 25 11:38:27 EST 1994


Ken Baker asked about conversion of Postscript to something editable.

I have the same problem, and I have seen many queries on the net about 
this problem. The only answers I have come across so far are:

there is a Mac utility called EPSFilter (check out info-mac or one of 
its mirrors, in UK this is sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk), which will do a 
limited amount of Postscript conversion. Mostly designed to handle 
HPGL and PLOT-10, so the Postscript is limited. Shareware.

the program Ghostscript is a free Postscript interpreter made by the 
GNU people (I think!!). It is very large, and the Mac version requires 
a huge amount of memory to do anything (like 8-10 Mbytes free 
memory minimum) to handle anything but the simplest postscript files 
(at least when I tried it). As I don't have that kind of memory, I 
didn't investigate it further. Might be better in the  (original) Unix 

Freedom of Press Classic (costs 70-100 ukpounds) runs on both Mac and 
Windows. Converts PS to PICT, also PCX, DCX and BMP formats. The 
result is a bitmapped version of the page, as I understand it, but can 
be high resolution if you have the memory (again, you need *lots* of 
memory). There is a "Professional" version, which costs about 10 times 
as much, and presumably does more clever things.
Available from most dealers.

T-Script is another converter. Made by TeleTypesetting Co., a US firm, 
not seen it here, but they tell me it would cost about 500 usdollars. 
Does much the same as FoP, but will also make an EPSF from your PS 
file. Both programs allow printing of PS files on non-PS printers.

N.B. I have NO connection with either of these commercial products. I 
haven't even had the money to try them out (:-( ).


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