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Joe Kaufman kodak at tigger.jvnc.net
Wed Feb 23 14:22:09 EST 1994

In Article <2kfr5r$bcd at news.bu.edu>, pdell at csd.NoSubdomain.NoDomain (Paul
Dell) wrote:
>Is anybody using the NCBI software development toolkit?  Is it good?  I am
>looking to develop some software to integrate intrumentation, database info,
>molecular modelling for a research project.  Should I be using NCBI's software,
>or should I be looking someplace else.
>Paul Dell
>pdell at bu.edu

I have extensive experience with integrating NCBI's toolkit into a
commercial comprehensive sequence analysis packge for the Macintosh.  The
software package can retrieve and search Entrez:Sequences CD-ROM and soon
NetEntrez over the internet.  Feel free to contect me.

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