looking for pdb description of proteases

Wolfgang Sachs wolfgang at atkins.swb.de
Mon Feb 21 16:53:24 EST 1994

Hi bionet'ers,

can anyone send me descriptions of 3d structures of proteases in the pdb
file format?

I have to give a talk about the "structure - function relationship" and
I want to display the 3d structures of some enzymes to show the catalytic
site, so I can talk about the mechanism more vivid.

I want to structure my talk according to the classes of proteases:

	Serine proteases:
		Chymotrypsin A
		Trypsin (EC
		Factor X

	Cysteine proteases:
		Papain (EC
		Cathepsins B, H, L and S

	Aspartic proteases:
		Cathepsin D
		Chymosin (EC
		Penicillopepsin (EC
		Renin (EC

		Thermolysin (EC
		Bovine Carboxypeptidase A (EC

Does anybody have any hints...yes I'm actually doing literature-search ;-)
Since I have to do the talk next week and have no account at the university
I cannot download, ftp or even search via gophers and WWW. And since I
don't know the exact names I even can't question the archie-servers :-|

So I depend on you kindness...if you have apropriate material and are
willing to help a fellow student..please send it to me...

Thank you very much for the work _I_ cause _you_ to do...

Wolfgang Sachs
Wolfgang Sachs, Neckarstr. 25, D-64390 Erzhausen, Germany
Voice: +49 6150 82882  Domain: Wolfgang at atkins.swb.{de | sub.org}

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